All you have to do to sell on Bespo is simply create a store and upload your artwork using our template files. When you sell a product, we’ll produce it, package it and ship it for you. registration is free, all you need is a Paypal account so that we can pay you.


Where can I find the template files?

The template files can be found in your store dashboard. There is a help guide included to help you create and upload them.


Who owns the copyright?

You have complete control over your designs. The only images we have copyright on are the preview images as we need these for advertising.


Am I allowed to use the same designs I upload to Bespo elsewhere?

Yes, your basically creating your own store with us to sell your designs as products that we make for you. Your free to use the designs on other sites as the designs will always be yours.


Can I delete my store?

You can delete your store at any point which will then delete all of your designs.


How do I know if I’ve sold a product?

Once an item has sold it will show up in the sales inventory in your product dashboard page. we will receive a payment first and then a % gets sent to you within a week.


Payment Procedure

We use Paypal to process payments.


How much you earn.

Art Prints £2.00
Bean Bags £13.00
Canvas Prints £13.00
Chopping Boards £1.50
Clocks £1.50
Coasters £1.50
Cushions £2.00
Greeting Cards £0.50

Laptop Sleeves £1.50
Mugs £1.00
Notebooks £1.00
Phone Cases £1.00
Phone Flip Cases £1.00
Placemats £2.00
Serving Trays £2.00
Table Lamps £2.00

Tea Towels £1.50
Roller Blinds £13.00
Tablet Cases £1.50
Temporary Tattoos £0.50
Tote Bags £1.50
T-shirts £1.50
Wood Prints £3.00